New Branch Motion Passed at EGM

The following motion was put to an Emergency General Meeting on the 20th January and was passed unanimously by those in attendance:

Motion 1: Face-to-Face Teaching, Online Learning and Covid-Safety on Campus

The local UCU Branch notes that:

  • The UCU National guidance and position is that all HE teaching provision, other than that which is Government mandated should be carried out remotely and online.
  • The recently identified variants of Covid-19 are more transmissible, and therefore do represent a more significant and imminent risk to staff & students engaging in in-person, face-to-face teaching.
  • The University as our employer has taken a reactive stance in responding to the latest evolutions of the pandemic. This has led to last minute decisions, which are insufficiently prepared and improperly communicated to all staff and students, with deleterious effects on staff physical and mental health as well as unmanageable workloads.

The local UCU Branch resolves:

  • To actively advocate for the University to adopt the UCU national position on face-to-face teaching or, failing that, to move as close to it as possible.
  • To actively advocate for the University to suspend all in-person, face-to-face teaching events until the start of the academic year 2021-2022 and replace them with appropriate online provisions, including adequate resources and pedagogical and technical support.
  • To actively advocate for ensuring that, where staff and students are required by Government policy to engage in face-to-face interactions, the University takes a proactive approach that goes beyond the current government minimal health and safety guidance to promote the highest standards of health and safety.



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