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Local UCU meetings

  UCU Members on ALC contracts

There will be a meeting on Thursday 8 March between 12.30 and 1.30 at the ITCS meeting room* for staff on ALC contracts. This will be an informal meeting to listen to any concerns or views you wish to raise.  Committee member Wadud Miah is attending the national UCU ALC meeting on 21st March and is keen to gather your views on issues facing ALC staff.


 UCU Members on Casual/Hourly Paid/fixed term contracts

The UCU branch at UEA wishes to help members on fixed term/hourly paid types of contract to share their views with colleagues on similar contracts, and to identify matters of mutual interest, progress or concern.

We have arranged a  Casual/fixed term staff meeting: ARTS 2.08 on Thursday 1st March, 12.30 to 13.30.

We hope you can drop in for some of this time.  You are welcome to bring colleagues, including PGR students and non-UCU members, and to submit ideas for discussion.



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