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Officers and Committee Members

UCU@UEA Officers and Committee Members 2017/18



  • Chair/President, Brett Mills AMA
  • Vice Chair/VP, Claudina Richards LAW
  • Secretary,  Rachel Henderson LIB
  • Treasurer, Amanda Williams NBS
  • Recruitment & Membership Secretary, Simon Dell AMA
  • Equality Officer,  Susan Sayce NBS


Ordinary Committee members

  • Grant Wheeler BIO
  • Karen Bunning HSC
  • David Nowell Smith LDC
  • Jonathan Pattenden DEV
  • Richard Stephenson CHE
  • Ben Jones HIS
  • Claire Hynes LDC (Anti-casualisation rep)

Health & Safety representatives

Rachel Henderson LIB

Departmental contacts

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Ben Jones HIS
Hazel Marsh PPL
Jacob Huntley LDC
Marina Prentoulis PPL
Simon Dell AMA
Nick Grant AMA


Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
Maggie Quinn HSC
Karen Bunning HSC

Faculty of Social Sciences
Jenny Fairbrass NBS
Claudina Richards LAW
Jessica Budds DEV
Jonathan Pattenden DEV
Peter Jordan SWK
Lee Beaumont EDU
Pablo Dalby DEV (Post-grads)
Charles Seger PSY
Nikos Skoutaris LAW

Faculty of Science
Grant Wheeler BIO
Helen Pallett ENV
Joseph Wright CHE
Tharin Blumenschein CHE
Mark Cooker MTH
Pierre Chardaire CMP

Central units
Calvin Hoy Student Services
Jason Green ITCS
Gurpreet Gill CSED
Dawn Dewar EST


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