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Petition from UEA staff

A number of academics have requested that a letter from beyond UCU committee be sent to the Vice Chancellor.

Please see the link for a letter for which we are gathering signatories:

open letter from concerned UEA academics (typos amended)



Susan Buell HSC
James Cornford NBS
Grant Wheeler BIO
Lewis Spurgin
Prof David Mead LAW
Pablo Dalby DEV
Prof Stephen Cox CMP
Dr Francis King HIS
Dr Brett Mills AMA
Dr John Turnpenny PPL
Prof Andrew Cowan LDC
Dr Shawn McGuire DEV
Sophie Vaughan LDC
Dr Philip Langeskov LDC
Martin Doherty PSY
John Mitchell ART
Victoria Cann PPL
Dr Stephanie Aspin CSED
Prof David Evans MTH
Sarah Elsegood LIB
Professor Roland von Glasow ENV
Prof Catherine Rowett PPL
Johannes Siemons MTH
Prof Jan Kaiser ENV
Prof David Stevens MTH
Dr Paul Hammerton MTH
Prof Jenni Barclay ENV
Prof Mirna Dzamonja MTH
Alan Finlayson PPL
David Nowell Smith LDC
Nathan Hamilton LDC
Hilary Emmett AMA
Oskari Kuusela PPL
Sara Connolly NBS
Dr Tom Greaves PPL
David Aspero MTH
Dr Emilian Parau MTH
Dr Jonathan Kirby MTH
Prof William Sturges ENV
Dr Jenni Turner ENV
Vanessa Miemietz MTH
Dr Robert Gray MTH
Dr Sophie Robinson LDC
Jennifer Ryan MTH
Dr Nicholas Grant AMA
Prof Tim Jickells ENV
Simon Curtis PPL
Dr Mark Cooker MTH
Dr Dorothee Bakker ENV
Prof Ian Renfrew ENV
Prof Shaun Stevens MTH
Erik Buitenhus ENV/TYN
Dr Gill Malin ENV
Dr Jonathan Mitchell AMA
Dr Mark Blyth MTH
Paul Dennis ENV
Mary C Enright TYN
Bharat Tandon LDC
Dr Gareth Edwards DEV
Prof Ian Clark BIO
Janneke Balk JIC
Ian Harris ENV
Joanne Clarke AMA
Dr Karen Schaller LDC
Catherine Locke DEV
Jonathan Pattenden DEV
Pierre Chardaire CMP
Dr Iain Lake ENV
Prof Tim Osborn ENV
Prof Claire Reeves ENV
Dr Graham Riley BIO
Dr Margit Thofner AMA
Andrea Munsterberg BIO
Dr Sue Jickells BIO
Prof Rhys Jenkins DEV
Prof Ulrike Mayer BIO
Dr Christine Cornea AMA
Dr Mark Rimmer AMA
Dr Sarah Monks AMA
Beatrice Leal AMA
Sinead Lyle MTH
Dr Alain Wolf PPL
Dr Jessica Budds DEV
Lucio Esposito DEV
Dr Jamie Hakim AMA
Thomas Sikor DEV
Mark Zeitoun DEV
Peter Jordan SWK
Sarah Gore DEVCO
Dr Tim Southon SCI
Dr David Milne HIS
Jeremy Noel-Tod LDC
Dr Rebecca Tillett AMA
Dr Marina Prentoulis PPL
Dr Roger Few DEV
Tharin Blumenschein CHE
Dr Oliver Springate-Baginski DEV
Dr Jacob Huntley LDC
Dr Clare Connors LDC
Prof Peter Waldron HIS
Prof Owen Warnock LAW
Prof Duncan Sheehan LAW
Dr Liz Clarke LIB
Simon Behrman LAW
Dr Clare Goodess CRU/ENV
Martin Johnson ENV
Roisin Moriarty TYN/ENV
Dr Paul Bernal LAW
Dr Andrew Manning ENV
Dr Piers Fleming PSY
Prof Gareth Thomas LAW
Prof Jennifer Gill BIO
Dr Alex Haxeltine ENV
Rob Walker EDU
Ernst Poeschl BIO
Dr Christina Riggs AMA
Dr Simon Dell AMA
Maria Giovanna Palmieri ENV
Dr Jane Powell ENV
Trudie Dockerty ENV
Dr Nikos Skoutaris LAW
Dr Gabriella Kelemen BIO
Richard Deswarte HIS
Dr Matthias Neumann HIS
Dr Andrew Hemmings CHE
Dr George Chryssochoidis NBS
Richenda Herzig PPL
Rocio Hiraldo Lopez-Alonso DEV
Dr Jane Gifford HUM
Dr Gill Price MED






  1. Lewis Spurgin says:


  2. Peter Ellington says:

    I consider the UEA management position to be aggressive and lacking respect for the contract that it has made on appointing its staff. Joining the UEA from commerce, and following developments in the pension “crisis” I am unaware of a private enterprise eroding its exiting terms and conditions with its existing staff.

    I am aware of the closure of defined benefit schemes to new members, but not a change to existing conditions.

    The threatening stance that has been taken towards industrial action, is aggressive and inevitably erodes the goodwill that is essential to all of our success.

    I am saddened by the events that I see and fearful of taking action expected from UCU following a majority vote to reject the unnecessary erosion of pension benefits.

    I would rather represent and work for an institution that respected my right to take industrial action and supported the pension rights that I was offered and accepted when appointed to the post. Management should respect that there is much more to a University than a motive to reduce costs, increase productivity and maximise profits at the detriment of everything that a good university stands for.

  3. Gideon Middleton says:

    The position adopted by ET is foolish because it totally ignores the evidence of known knowledge about how to run a ‘knowledge business’. Evidence suggests that if they continue in this manner (i.e. hierarchical dictatorship) they will have no business because the knowledge workers will withhold their knowledge.

    Maybe its time ET went home? This of course ignores the fact that we are University and not a business.

  4. Karen Bunning says:

    The response of the UEA executive team to the UCU action short of a strike was predictable. The attitudes evinced through e-mail and newsletter communications to staff during the industrial dispute have been both threatening and bullish. Unfortunately this tone of management has seeped through the various layers of middle management. I suspect if human resources were interested enough to take a litmus test of staff morale at the moment they would find it very low!

    Our right of response to the inaccurate and outrageous claims regarding our pensions is being eroded in front of our eyes. The behaviour of UEA’s ET is evidence of a bullying culture that has been perpetuated over the last few years of industrial unrest. UEA has sacrificed its integrity as an academic institution in favour of money-making at any cost. The future is gloomy if the current ET continues.

  5. Rob Walker says:

    This week we have an Exam Board for the MAHEP. My first thought/response was to boycott the meeting in line with the UCU action. It seems especially important to do so as those involved are the very people whose pensions are immediately at risk. But it isn’t an easy decision as the consequence (if the Board were to be cancelled) are the same people. The main effect would be to delay assessment decisions which could affect appointment and promotion decisions plus creating extra work for already hard-pressed administrators. Reluctantly I have decided to attend. What I most regret is that UEA’s position damages the commitment, energy and enthusiasm that many have worked hard to build, and of which the MAHEP has been a significant part.

  6. Simon Behrman says:

    We work many hours (evenings, weekends, holidays) above and beyond our contractual hours, because we care about our students and our research. For the university to kick staff in the teeth with a 100% pay deduction, because we withhold our labour on just one part of our duties in pursuance of a legitimate industrial dispute, shows a complete disrespect for us. This policy of UEA management is eating into the current and future good will of staff, on which the university relies.

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