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UCU@UEA advice on REF

Your Local Branch officials have been in discussions with the University about the UEA REF Code of Practice and this page is designed to help you understand and interpret the Code of Practice (see p7)

There is a flow-chart which shows the process leading to a REF return.  We hope that as many of you as possible will achieve a REF return.  If you fail at Stage 2, the Union will advise you whether an appeal is the best route and support you should you take that course.  If the appeal fails or you choose not to appeal, the Union will advise and support you in Stage 7 – Further Discussions and, where possible, accompany you to further meetings.

What you should do if called to a meeting

to discuss your research

  1.  Don’t Panic!
  2. If you wish to have a discussion with UCU, contact the UCU Office.  Ext 2652,
  3. If at any stage you are told you will be put on the Capability Process, contact the union as a matter of urgency for help and advice.
  4. If you are told you won’t be submitted to the Mock REF, contact the Union for help and advice.

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