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Campaign Resources

Guides and kits

Resources for the Defend USS Pensions campaign

Leeds UCU’s e-book on the proposed threat to USS Pensions (October 2010)

Get the Vote Out UCU guide to campaigning and organising;

10 Step Guide to a Hard Hitting Action Media Team by The Third Estate

Many campaign resources are also available on the national UCU website


Education Campaigns

Arts Against Cuts

Campaign for the Public University

Defend the Arts and Humanities

Education Activist Network

London Student Assembly

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts


Analysis of Higher Education Reforms

The Campaign for the Public University’s alternative to the HE White Paper

Critical Education: analysis of education reforms by Andrew McGettigan

The Assault on Universities: A Manifesto for Resistance eds. Michael Bailey and Des Freedman; also see the Higher Education Manifesto

Browne’s Gamble by Stefan Collini (LRB, 4 November 2010)

Sociology and the Cuts

Trade Union Resources

The HE Pay and Conditions database on the UCU website allows you to search and compare pay and conditions across institutions. You will need your membership number to login.

ACAS produces publications on employment legislation.

The Labour Research Department produces many publications and other resources.


Anti-Cuts Resources

False Economy provides evidence and analysis about why the cuts are wrong and why we need alternatives, and has a national listing of anti-cuts groups.

There is an Alternative by PCS makes the case against public sectors cuts, as does the TUC’s Mythbuster leaflet


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