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The government plans to slash the laws that protect you and is cutting the Health and Safety Executive’s income by 35%.

It intends to cut enforcement of safety laws and inspection of workplaces and make it harder to win compensation for injuries.

It says health and safety is a ‘burden on business’ but this claim is not evidence based. See the leaflet

(More information : )

PLEASE Email your MP today.  It takes just a minute.

UCU is supporting the TUC’s response to this and using Workers Memorial Day (April 28) 2012 as  a focus for resisting these changes.  Your MP may be unaware of these plans. Even a handful of emails from constituents would make your MP sit up and look at this issue. S/he ought to reply to you and justify how they intend to vote.

Here is a draft letter  you can adapt and email

Norfolk MPs

Simon Wright MP ( Norwich South)

Chloe Smith MP (Norwich North)

Brandon Lewis MP (Great Yarmouth)

Elizabeth Truss MP (SW Norfolk)

George Freeman MP (Mid Norfolk)

Henry Bellingham MP (North West Norfolk)

Keith Simpson MP (Broadland)

Norman Lamb MP (North Norfolk)

Richard Bacon MP (South Norfolk)

If you do not know who your MP is then go to

You can email your MP direct from this site if you enter your  own text (you cannot cut and paste).

THANK YOU and good luck!

Please copy any replies received to the UCU branch :

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